by Kathy Whitlow, Operations Manager

If the rain this weekend highlighted some erosion problems on your property, we can help! Runnels, rivulets, rills, streamlets: whatever you call them, many of us notice water leaving our property in a hurry after rain events. Join us in helping to keep the water on your property, allowing it to infiltrate into the ground instead of carrying sediment to our streets, streams and rivers.

A small rivulet forms on a Tahoe Donner property after a rain event in September. Without measures to capture and convey runoff from local properties, sediment can have a significant, negative impact on our creeks and streams. Photo: Kathy Whitlow.Summer and fall rain events can often help highlight problems when there’s still time to address them before winter. River-Friendly Landscaping can provide you with a free site evaluation for potential soil erosion sources. Often, simple soil erosion control measures can make a marked difference in the amount of sediment flowing from our yards that ultimately pollutes the creeks and streams in our watershed. Let us help you create a plan for your property!

Rebates are available while funds last! If you implement soil erosion control measures recommended through the River-Friendly Landscaping program, you can apply for your rebate to help offset the costs of installing suggested erosion control measures. Rebates are available until existing funding has been committed to approved rebate applicants. We’ve already processed thousands of dollars in rebates – we hope to process YOUR rebate check soon!

Click here or contact Andy Otto at (530) 550‐8760 x 3 for additional information or assistance regarding the River-Friendly Landscaping Program.