We bring the community Together for the Truckee – to protect, enhance and restore the Truckee River Watershed.

Open Requests for Proposals/Bids:

The Truckee River Watershed Council is seeking proposals/bids for the following: Truckee Wetlands Restoration Project (Historical and Cultural Resources Environmental Review) RFP and Jammer Chair Riparian and Aspen Restoration Project RFB. Click here to view the RFP/RFB documents.

Help Monitor Water Quality

Adopt-a-Stream volunteers monitor water quality and collect insects from local streams in warmer months, then analyze those samples and identify the macroinvertebrates over the winter. Come join us this season! View our calendar to find an upcoming monitoring date. 


The Truckee River Watershed Council was founded on a simple premise - that together we can protect the water quality and habitat of our rivers, streams and lakes. Help us reach the goal and make a donation today.