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The Hilltop-Ponderosa area was once a single contiguous wet meadow complex that discharged to the Truckee River. Since the settlement of Truckee in the 1800’s it has been significantly impacted by land use and urban development which has altered and… Read more

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River-Friendly Landscaping By Eben Swain, Program Manager Did you know the average residential lot in our area loses one ton of soil per year?!? This is a major source of pollution in our streams and the Truckee River. Rainfall, snowmelt,… Read more

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Donner Creek has a 150-year history of disturbances that threaten the area and its ecological health. Historically, the creek meandered through a low-gradient floodplain which narrowed before the confluence with the Truckee River. The construction of the Central Pacific Railroad,… Read more