Donner Creek has a 150-year history of disturbances that threaten the area and its ecological health. Historically, the creek meandered through a low-gradient floodplain which narrowed before the confluence with the Truckee River. The construction of the Central Pacific Railroad, roads, highways and Interstate 80 between 1939 and 1966 confined the creek to narrow, straightened channels. More recently, residential and commercial development further impacted the hydrology, physical processes, water quality and habitat. Today, Donner Creek is considered one of the largest contributors of suspended sediment to the Truckee River, which is Clean Water Act 303(d) listed for sedimentation.

The Truckee River Watershed Council seeks to hire a consultant to design four restoration projects on Donner Creek (Donner Creek projects). These projects are located on the lower portion of the creek, within a mile and a half of the confluence with the main stem of the Truckee River. They will stabilize eroding stream banks and treat stormwater, greatly reducing some of the larger sources of fine sediment and other pollutants to the downstream portion of Donner Creek. Additionally, these projects will enhance riparian habitat and improve in-stream habitat.

Please see the Donner Creek Projects Design Request for Proposals for more information. Proposals are due Friday, March 31st by 5 pm. Please direct all questions to Michele Prestowitz at or at (530) 550-8760 ext. 4.