Martis Wildlife Area – We Can’t Let it Go

By Lisa Wallace, Executive DirectorI’m excited to tell you about a big habitat effort happening (in some cases quite literally) right in your backyard. It’s called the Martis Wildlife Area Restoration Project. As we all know, this beautiful span… Read more

CLOSED- We’re Hiring! One Goal. Multiple Parts.

Lisa Wallace, Executive Director   Preserving and protecting the watershed is surprisingly multifaceted. Part science: we assess and monitor the biology, geology, and hydrology of each project. Part management: we align agencies, consultants, contractors & volunteers to get the job… Read more

23rd Annual Truckee River Day and Fair

By Michele Prestowitz, Program Manager Calling all nature-lovers! Join us for Truckee River Day, Sunday October 14th! Put on some sturdy boots, dig out your work gloves, and grab some friends. Together we will work to restore the Truckee River,… Read more

RFQ for NEPA: One goal. Multiple parts.

By: Lisa Wallace, Executive Director Our work is scientific: assessing and monitoring the biology, geology, and hydrology of a site. It’s also managerial: coordinating agencies, consultants and contractors. It’s funding: finding grants, foundations and donors. Finally, it’s educational: alerting people… Read more