All In: Wetlands. Bugs. Birds. Critters. People.

by Lisa Wallace, Executive Director We love it when people share stories with us about their favorite places about our Truckee River, lakes, and streams. Today more than ever, ideas spread horizontally, from person to person. Not from the top… Read more

The Wetlands Among Us!

by Lisa Wallace, Executive Director The Truckee River watershed – where the beauty of nature draws us – is threatened. Species of birds have disappeared. Essential invertebrates are leaving. Entire wetlands are drying up. Much of this is due to… Read more

Following the Drops

by Erin Casey, Director of Land Use Compatibility Have you noticed where water flows after it lands on the ground? Does it spill onto the road making its way to a nearby stormwater drain or roll off a few leaves… Read more

Keeping Up With the Joneses

by Lisa Wallace, Executive Director Lake Tahoe casts l o n g shadows: A fame-shadow (Jewel of the Sierra Nevada!), a funding shadow ($415M Lake Tahoe Restoration Act), and a research-shadow (University of Nevada a Reno, UC Davis Tahoe Environmental… Read more

5 Thoughts on Donner Lake Basin

by Lisa Wallace, Executive Director My first experience with the Truckee River watershed was camping at Donner Lake when I was eight years old – many decades ago (!). In those days, I saw adventure and beauty, not shoreline erosion… Read more

Give Back to the Places You Love

by Phoenix Anthony, Office Manager & Michele Prestowitz, Development Manager   Living in a place surrounded by so much beauty, it’s hard to choose a favorite spot. Maybe it’s a walking trail winding through the forest or a swimming hole… Read more

Thank You from the Watershed Council

by Phoenix Anthony, Office ManagerAs the year is coming to a close and the celebration of Thanksgiving begins, we would like to take a moment to reflect on this past year and extend our sincerest gratitude to you. You… Read more

Collaborative Weed Control Along the Truckee River

by Jeannette Halderman, Program Manager In 2014, through a combination of numerous funding opportunities, the TRWC was successful in gaining approval from and cooperation of six landowners to treat several species of non-native invasive plants on nearly 300 acres along… Read more