We’re on it!

By Kincade Stirek, Conservation Assistant

The first four miles of The Truckee Riverwhich flows from Tahoe City to Bear Creekdraws rafters, kayakers, swimmers, anglers and more to its gentle waters. But because there are no formal access points, people have been entering the water at all points, all up and down the banks. And doing it for decades.


This ongoing ingress/egress, of course, has resulted in serious stream bank erosion, loss of habitat, vegetation die-offeven safety concerns. Once thriving stream banks have been literally hollowed out, accelerating massive erosion and altering the flow of the river. All of which is exactly the kind of challenge the Truckee River Watershed Council thrives on. And theyre on it.


The First 4 Mile (F4M) project, lead by Lisa Wallace, is designed to stop erosion and excess sedimentation through stream bank stabilization and habitat restoration. Plans to enhance approximately 1,200 lineal feet of floodplain and stream bank include installing natural barricades like boulders, dense vegetation, vegetation with prickles (roses), log jetties and interpretive signage.


In addition to enhancing and protecting the river bank and its access points, the F4M Project will restore habitats for native species, both aquatic and terrestrial, and control and prevent invasive species. The work will also lead to improvements in water quality up and down this threatened stretch of The Truckee.


Once completed, F4M will:

    Restore an acre of meadow and riparian habitat right along The Truckees banks

    Reestablish habitats for native fish like speckled dace & paiute sculpin

    Provide four environmentallycompatible staging areas for recreational users

    Stabilize 1,200 of stream bank with logs, root wads, and boulders

    Reestablish 3,000 squarefeet of meadow plants

    Place directional and interpretive signage at each new access

    Improve water quality in the Truckee River by reducing erosion and sedimentation


We already have the design (and it’s gorgeous!), and the permits, and a contractor and even a strong partner: the Tahoe City Public Utility District (TCPUD.) What we need now is a bit more funding.


Keep an eye on the First 4 Mile progress bar on our website to track the projects development. And see where your contribution can dramatically impact the outcome.


First 4 Mile Project Progress Bar



The Watershed Council leads this exciting effort in partnership with Tahoe City Public Utility District (TCPUD), U.S. Forest Service, Caltrans, Big Chief Corridor, Truckee River Access Project, Truckee River Trail Stabilization Project, Truckee River Restoration and Access Project.


Additional funding comes from Truckee River Watershed Councilwhich includes donations from Truckee residents, vacation homeowners, outdoor enthusiasts and people like you. Various grants from the California Resources Agency, The Martis Fund,

The Tahoe Truckee Community Foundation and The Truckee River Fund also contributed to this project.


To play your part in enhancing our riverbanks for habitation, vegetation and recreation, call Brenda at 530.550.8760 #5. Or give to F4M online at



Youll love the F4M results. And love knowing you we‘re  on it.