Update: What Happened in Our Watershed Last Thursday?

by Phoenix Anthony, Office Manager Last Thursday night August 7th around 8:00 p.m., the town was in full swing as the hustle and bustle of Truckee Thursdays brought together both residents and tourists alike. Throughout the event, ominous clouds released… Read more

This Is Ours

by Lisa Wallace, Executive Director Yesterday evening on my street, a man was running along with a bottle of water. I was stunned to see him drain the bottle and throw it into the willows that line the road. I… Read more

The Obstacle is the Path

by Lisa Wallace, Executive Director Sometimes Jeannette Halderman and I get discouraged because of a tough challenge or obstacle in the way of a restoration project. But a shift in mindset from a Zen proverb can change the perspective: “The… Read more

Collecting – and then Connecting – the Dots

by Lisa Wallace, Executive Director Why do we spend so much time collecting dots of data on water quality? Why collect all these dots: observations about stream side conditions, dissolved oxygen and ph tests, turbidity and sediment samples? Because we… Read more

TRWC Weed Removal RFP

by Jeannette Halderman, Program Manager The Truckee River Watershed Council (TRWC) is looking to hire a consulting firm to conduct invasive plant removal within select areas of the Truckee River watershed. Non-native invasive plant removal, focusing on musk thistle, yellow… Read more

TRWC Offers Lunch & Learn April 23

by Phoenix Anthony, Office Manager Are you a Truckee-area landscaper? …a landscape designer? …in the nursery business? …part of a maintenance crew working in the watershed?…or just curious about the TRWC?…   If so, this Lunch & Learn is for… Read more