by Phoenix Anthony, Office Manager

Have you eImage: TRWCver wondered how you can help create a better environment for future generations? Those of us who live here and enjoy the outdoors are fortunate that the Truckee River Watershed Council has a Weed Warriors program that enhances and helps preserve the natural beauty of this area.

In 2010, we began our Weed Warrior program with seven volunteers. Since that time, the Weed Warriors has grown to hold many workshops, work days (weed pulls), and weed walks. We have treated over 300 acres of infestation!

Since we are in an early phase of invasive plant invasion, the principle of “Early Detection, Rapid Response” is critical to our success. Through a series of workshops, public events, and our website, we have educated hundreds of local residents and professional land managers about invasive plants and the effects they have on the way our land functions. As a result, the public reported to our program more than 100 invasive sites in 2013.

When the presence of weeds is reported, we then coordinate with the appropriate county to control or even eradicate the weeds over time. We work with local government, private communities, landscape and construction contractors, and citizens to prevent introduction and spread of NNIPS within our watershed. In order to continue our effectiveness within the watershed, we are in constant need of weed spotters!

Can you help by joining us on a weed walk for training, or by volunteering for a “Work Day”?