by Kathy Whitlow, Office Manager

The 20th Annual Truckee River Day is Sunday, October 18, 2015.

Twenty years is a significant milestone for the Watershed Council but it’s just small fraction of time in the lifespan of a healthy watershed. We work every day to address the damage that has occurred in just the “recent” past. Over the last 150 years, the middle Truckee River watershed has been impacted by the railroad, interstate, dams, historic clear cuts, gravel mining, grazing, and more.

T-Shirt art from our 1st, 5th, 10th and 15th Annual Truckee River Day EventsOverwhelming? No. Challenging? Certainly. But, the Watershed Council has a plan to make the watershed more resilient, sustainable and alive.

While we can’t bring things back exactly how they once were, we can significantly improve the way the watershed functions. Since the inception of Truckee River Day in 1996, we have led teachers, students, local businesses, and other willing participants in an effort to join us in restoring the watershed.

Do you recognize any of this Truckee River Day t-shirt art?

Whether you’re a Truckee River Day veteran with many of these shirts in your closet or you simply have an interest in restoring and protecting your watershed, save the date for our 20th Annual Truckee River Day on October 18th

Join us in taking back the Truckee River’s meadows, creeks, streams and ponds. Home to the bugs, fish, birds and… humans. Our work helps to bring them all back – all with a commitment from people like you.

You in?