by Rachel Arst McCullough, TRWC Weed Warriors Volunteer

Who Are the Weed Warriors?

As a part of the Truckee River Watershed Council, we coordinate activities for the prevention and control of invasive weeds.

Who Can Become a Weed Warrior?

Anyone who enjoys the outdoors! Whether you are a plant expert or someone who can just barely identify a dandelion in your back yard, all you need is an interest in preserving our natural ecosystem.

How Can You Help?

Attend weed identification trainings. Plant identification can be tricky. That’s why we hold regular trainings throughout the community and provide identification information on our website. Come to any or all of our identification workshops featuring pressed plants, live samples, and one-on-one instruction.

Join us for a weed pull. A few times a season the Weed Warriors put on their work clothes and head out to the field. Take the knowledge from our weed identification session and test it in the real world.

Become a volunteer weed spotter or verifier. The more trained eyes we have on our watershed, the better. Problem weeds are already in some of our neighborhoods and wildlands. Report them.

Prepare specimens (vouchering) for educational outreach. Pressed specimens of our local non-native invasive plants are especially useful early and late season when we don’t have live specimens. Help expand and maintain our plant library!

Host a booth at community events (Earth Day, Truckee Thursdays). We’ll send you with all of the information and supplies you need to help educate our local community and visitors.

Attend Weed Warrior steering committee meetings. Come to any one of our monthly meetings.

Join Us Today

Are you read to get started? Check our calendar for all of the upcoming Weed Warriors events.

Give us a call at 530-550-8760 or contact us today.

Image: Weed Warrior Trisha Ruby removes Musk Thistle along the Truckee River at a 2012 Weed Pull event. Credit: Jeannette Halderman.