by Kathy Whitlow, Operations Manager

Truckee Wetlands - A poorly installed culvert is eroding the wetland. Photo: Denny DickinsonIt may surprise you to know that we have a fragmented wetlands complex here within the Town of Truckee. The Watershed Council and our partners are working to get it restored and fully functioning.

Wetlands are vital to the health of waterways and communities. In addition to their natural beauty, these important ecosystems store, clean and filter our water, prevent soil erosion and control flooding. They feed downstream waters and provide fish and wildlife habitat. Wetlands are also economic drivers due to their role in fishing, hunting, agriculture and recreation.

Wetlands include swamps, marshes and bogs. They vary widely because of differences in soils, topography, climate, hydrology, water chemistry, and vegetation. While wetlands are often found alongside waterways and in flood plains, some wetlands have no apparent connection to surface water like rivers, lakes or the ocean, but have critical groundwater connections.

It’s clear that the value of wetlands has not always been recognized. Historically, many wetlands have been drained, filled and paved over to enable development or other land uses. Continuing development, the unaddressed spread of invasive species, urban runoff and climate change (the effects of which are still unknown) all combine to degrade wetland health and impede their functions.

So, what about our fragmented wetlands complex here in Truckee? We completed a comprehensive assessment of the Truckee Wetlands, and will begin restoration shortly. Come to a public presentation to learn more about this project on Tuesday, January 28th. Space is limited and we are almost at capacity for this exciting gathering, so RSVP now!

If you cannot make it to this event, please let us know you’re still interested! It’s important to us. We will have other opportunities to talk about plans to restore the wetland soils, plants, and surface and ground water connections in the Truckee Wetlands.

For more information on wetlands, please visit:

Photo: Truckee Wetlands – A poorly installed culvert is eroding the wetland. Photo credit: Denny Dickinson