Restoring Dry Creek Meadow in Russel Valley

Next to Dry Creek in Russel Valley, just north of the town of Truckee, lies a meadow that appeared beautiful, but was formerly disconnected from its floodplain.

Modern roads, historic logging and skid trails, construction of a railroad grade, utility lines, and undersized culverts had caused severe stream channel incision, and lack of overbank flow—degrading the meadow. Meadow habitat, an important refuge for willow flycatchers and other native species, had diminished in size and function. Erosion and sediment flowing into the creek had increased, degrading both water quality and habitat.

Reviving a floodplain

30 acres of mountain meadow and 700 ft of stream restored

By restoring streams to their natural channels, we reconnected the creek with its floodplain, elevating the water table, allowing wet meadow habitat to return.

Improving water quality and aquatic habitat

A functioning meadow filters water as it flows through, making the water downstream more fishable, drinkable, and swimmable.

Defending from drought, fire, and flood

A healthy meadow holds onto water longer, and meters it out over time, giving a more steady stream—preventing flooding and mitigating drought. This wetter meadow also hinders fast moving wildfires.

Where it
all happens

Dry Creek Meadow is located 10 miles north of the town of Truckee in Russel Valley. To stay up to date on the project, follow TRWC social media pages: @trwcnews on Instagram and Truckee River Watershed Council on Facebook.
Fast Facts

Location: 10 miles north of the town of Truckee in Russel Valley

Scale: 30 acres of meadow

Schedule: September 2019 – October 2019

Budget: $315,000

Partners: U.S. Forest Service and others



For more information on assessments, monitoring, plans, reports, and general information on the Dry Creek Meadow restoration project, explore this resources section.


 Mailboxes and Dumpsters

The restoration project will not relocate the mailboxes or the dumpsters.

Regular access to the mailboxes and dumpsters will be maintained throughout the restoration.