by Heather Tone, Office Manager

Image used with permission by Bill Langton Fine Art PhotographyIn Truckee and Tahoe, particularly during snowy winters like this year, it can be hard to avoid using ice melt on slick surfaces. Unfortunately ice melt generally isn’t so great for the environment and our pets. We were recently asked by one of our volunteers if there is an ice melt product that is environmentally friendly. We were really curious about this, so did some checking. The answer is – there are a few different types of ice melt products and some are friendlier than others. We found this Consumer Reports article helpful, as it provides a breakdown of choices and their environmental impact.

Using a friendlier ice melt helps the health of our creeks and streams. You can do even more by checking out our website to find out about our River Friendly Landscaping program and see other ways you can make a difference.

If you have additional information on ice melts, feel free to let us know at

Image used with permission by Bill Langton Fine Art Photography –