By Meghan Christie, Intern

Preserving and protecting the watershed is surprisingly multifaceted.

Part science: we assess and monitor the geology, hydrology, biology and botany of each project.
Part management: we align agencies, consultants, contractors, and volunteers to get the job done.
Part funding: we find the grants, cost-sharing, and donations needed to finance each effort.
Part education: we tell locals, visitors, and water-users about our stressed and fragile ecosystem.

Earth Day 2021 is just around the corner, and across the globe – organizations, communities, and individuals are working hard so that ‘together, we can Restore Our Earth’. Truckee River Watershed Council is proud to be a part of that global movement, through our local restoration work in the Middle Truckee River Watershed. In just the last three years alone, TRWC has restored 700 acres of degraded meadows, 5 miles of streambanks, and over 125 acres of forest. TRWC has set a goal of completing 50 meadow, stream, and forest restoration projects over the next decade to keep our natural environment resilient into the future!

We are collaborating with Sierra Nevada Alliance, who organized Sierra Earth Week 2021, with many events and activities put on by dozens of groups and partners. Truckee River Watershed Council will be featured for Clean Water Wednesday, on Wednesday April 21st, with a self-guided restoration tour map featuring ten of our restoration project sites.

We encourage safe and responsible visitation (leave no trace, masking, social distancing) of the sites at any time, not just during Earth Day celebrations! (Note that sites 1, 2, and 4 are accessible year-round, the remaining sites become accessible as snow melts). Visiting our sites and posting to social media (Instagram: @trwcnews & Facebook: @TruckeeRiverWC) will help to raise awareness and bring the community “Together for the Truckee” to protect, enhance and restore the Truckee River Watershed.

What questions do you have about the Truckee River watershed?
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