by Lisa Wallace, Executive Director.

So far the most destructive aquatic invasives are not in our local lakes and reservoirs in California. But, preliminary reports show both quagga and zebra mussels downstream in Lahontan and Rye Patch Reservoirs.

We do have some problematic invasives already here: water milfoil in the Truckee River and Martis Reservoir and Asian clams in Donner Lake.

To protect our waters, the Watershed Council is working with the Tahoe Resource Conservation District to implement a voluntary watercraft inspection program. The voluntary program is underway now at Donner Lake, Prosser Lake, and Boca and Stampede Reservoirs.  Independence Lake has a mandatory watercraft program in operation.

The Watershed Council and the Tahoe Resource Conservation District along with other stakeholders are developing a permanent approach to protecting our waters from aquatic invasvises.  We will be co-hosting a series of public meetings starting in late July.  Your feedback will be an important element in developing a permanent approach.

We will need to consider degree of protection, ability to implement a program, and cost.  Our waters are at risk for wildlife, water supply and recreation.  A vital question is how we can minimize the risk. We hope you will join us in the conversation. To stay informed, sign up to receive our weekly e-newsletter.