By Matt Freitas, Program Manager

 Non-native invasive plants seem to enjoy our watershed as much as we do. More than 60 of these species are found in our wetlands, streams, and forests. Invasive species displace our native plants and reduce habitat quality for wildlife. They also inhibit recreation, increase the wildfire fuel load, and clog our rivers and streams.

Our Weed Warriors are on it and have been for the last seven years. This multi-faceted program completes large scale treatments, builds capacity to manage invasive species within local organizations and agencies, and hosts rewarding and educational volunteer opportunities.

Thank you to the many people who participated in this battle against non-native invasive plants at our Weed Walk in Tahoe Donner and the Weed Pulls at Donner Memorial State Park and the Boca Town Site.  Weed Walk volunteers learned to spot 12 invasive species and native look-alikes such as spotted knapweed and bull and Anderson thistles. Weed Pull volunteers removed nearly 6,000 musk and bull thistle plants to protect and enhance these much loved natural areas.

To bolster their efforts, TRWC is leading two large scale efforts to rein in these species.  With our partners, we are treating 800 acres of noxious weed infestations in 2017. We’re also conducting weed surveys on more than 5,000 acres to prioritize treatments in 2018 and 2019.

You can still make a difference by becoming a Weed Spotter and reporting invasive species to the Weed Warriors. These data are crucial to our control efforts. Start today by visiting the Weed Warriors online and downloading our weed book. You’ll feel empowered knowing you did your part.

Thank you to our partners the California Department of Fish and Wildlife, Teichert Aggregates, and the U.S. Forest Service

Thank you to our funders including the donors of the Truckee River Watershed Council, The Martis Fund (a collaborative Martis Camp landowners, DMB/Highlands Group, Mountain Area Preservation, and Sierra Watch) and the Sierra Nevada Conservancy (Proposition 1 Water Quality, Supply, and Infrastructure Improvement Act of 2014).

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