Two ways your property can
help restore the watershed

(and get you up to $3,000 in rebates)

Your home is part of the watershed. Which makes it part of the solution. Or part of the problem.

Problems include eroding topsoil, run-off or compacted soil. Our programs have solutions for all that. Take a look.

This home near Donner Lake shows bare soil secured by a permeable walkway, mulch and vegetation. Homeowners have several treatment options to help infiltrate water and keep soil on their property.

Make a ton of difference

(and get up to $1,500
in rebates)

One ton. That’s how much sediment and sludge runs off the average property in the Truckee area each year— degrading water quality, suffocating habitats and eroding riverbanks.

But a few simple landscaping changes—like installing infiltration systems, stabilizing slopes and mulching—can reverse all that.

That’s why we offer homeowners:

  • FREE site evaluation
  • FREE erosion-control plan
  • $1,500 rebate for implementing recommendations

Make a ton of difference. In our watershed. In your landscaping. Even in your property value.


Free site evaluation

contact Eben Swain
530-550-8760 x7

Lose your lawn

(and get up to $1,500
in rebates)

Drought or no drought, water is a precious commodity in the Sierra. And lawns—not native to mountain habitats—are greedy water-guzzlers. Just 500 square feet of turf uses over 10,000 gallons a year.

Return your site to a more natural, functioning landscape using rocks, mulch, native plants and wildflowers. Then enjoy the return of birds, butterflies and honeybees.

Free water conservation evaluation

contact Eben Swain
530-550-8760 x7

Why 2018 could be your last chance for rebates

2018 is well funded for water conservation and soil erosion rebates. After 2018, we go from 100 available rebates to only 15 or 20.

So this year’s generous rebate funding—coupled with our nurturing rains—makes 2018 the year to:

  • Improve the health and resiliency of your yard and The Truckee Watershed
  • Reduce erosion and save water throughout the watershed
  • Support and sustain natural wildflower and wildlife habitats
  • Make our water more swimmable, fishable and drinkable

River Friendly Landscaping
Fast Facts

What You Get: Up to $3,000 in rebates for implementing recommendations*

FREE on-site evaluation and recommendations

FREE site plan

DOWNLOADABLE copy of Sierra Nevada, the Yard and Garden Guide

DOWNLOADABLE Invasive Weeds of Tahoe National Forest booklet

Enhanced landscaping for increased property value

Where it Works: The program covers neighborhoods in the Truckee River watershed within the Town of Truckee, Placer County, and Nevada County
Solutions so far: Over 650 site evaluations completed

400 recommendations implemented

100 tons of sediment (yearly) kept out of waterways

100,000 gallons of water saved yearly

Over $80,000 in rebates awarded

pending eligibility for erosion control and lawn conversion

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