Sam Zabell, Intern


The Truckee River region has attracted people for centuries, both for its beauty and for the use of its resources. The impacts of this use – from things like mining, grazing, and logging – are ongoing. The Prosser Creek basin is no different. From the towering Frog Lake Cliffs to the lush wildflowers of Carpenter Valley, sublime beauty abounds.

The North Fork of Prosser Creek from lower Carpenter Valley. Photo by Sam Zabell

However, 100 years of use, from road building to grazing, have left ample opportunity for restoration. Stream channel incision, floodplain disconnection, and degradation of meadows and forests are all occurring. While large portions of the Upper Prosser Creek basin were not publicly accessible until a few years ago, recent acquisitions have opened a new opportunity to restore the third largest sub-watershed in the Middle Truckee River watershed.

The Truckee River Watershed Council has a goal of improving the future and the resilience of our watershed, and for all of its inhabitants, plants, and creatures to flourish.

Therefore, we are requesting proposals for consulting services to complete a geomorphically-based assessment of the Prosser Creek watershed above Prosser Creek Reservoir. The objective is to identify areas of disrupted natural functions, and identify restoration, management and protection opportunities.

Please see the Prosser Creek Watershed Assessment – Request for Proposals for more information. Proposals are due by 5 PM on Thursday, March 19, 2020. Please direct all questions to Beth Christman at, (530) 550-8760 x1#

See the full RFP release schedule for upcoming projects.

It takes a dedicated team to do what we do. Thank you to our partners, many of whom are part of these RFPs and RFBs.

Restoring meadows. Reviving forests. Saving habitats. Thank you to the donors of the Truckee River Watershed Council and our funders who make this work possible.