Learn about how Truckee-area waters are being protected for invasive species at a public forum Thursday, July 28, 2011.

Multiple sampling techniques have confirmed microscopic juvenile quaggas are present in Lahontan Reservoir southeast of Fernley, said Rich Haskins, deputy director of the Nevada Department of Wildlife.

Department of Wildlife spokesman Ed Lyngar said that while both Lahontan and Rye Patch are being treated the same, the most urgent potential for harm is at Lahontan. “Lahontan is positive for baby quaggas. The tests they took there were conclusive,” he said.

Lahontan Reservoir is named after ancient Lake Lahontan, which covered much of northwestern Nevada during the last ice age. Some of the flows from the Truckee River are diverted into Lahontan Reservoir. This summer, at least 35 boats have launched at Lahontan Reservoir and then come up to Stampede and Boca Reservoirs. The invasive mussels most often are spread by trailers, boats and equipment that travel between waterways.

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