by Lisa Wallace, Executive Director

One of the biggest benefits we’ve found in the way people work with the Watershed Council is their ability to share the rivers, lakes, and streams about which they are passionate. Today more than ever, ideas spread horizontally, from person to person. Not from the top down. Not from an ad or a Facebook Post or a give-away.

On a regular basis, volunteers and donors help us with this person-to-person spread. They hand sell our work by introducing our projects and events to people who don’t even realize the Truckee River watershed is damaged. Like this site in the heart of Truckee.

The team at the Watershed Council has hand-built an experience that makes it easy for people to share the Truckee River watershed. We call it a River Talk – its a one hour virtual tour of a few of our projects throughout the watershed.

Ideas that spread, win. If you speak up about your favorite place – a beautiful or damaged place that you care about – the word spreads, the world changes. Is the Truckee River one of your favorites? Please tell someone… and then ask them if they would like to more deeply know the Truckee River by coming to a River Talk.

Photo: Two of our Adopt-A-Stream volunteers performing a dissolved oxygen test, credit: TRWC.