by Lisa Wallace, Executive Director

Euer Valley - photo credit: Phyllis WatsonIn September 2001, two months after starting at the Truckee River Watershed Council, a local resident who had moved to the Truckee area in 1959 told me there were three spectacularly beautiful places I should work to restore and protect: Olympic Valley, Perazzo Meadows and Euer Valley. He had loved these places for decades.

I already knew Olympic Valley, so the next day I went out to Perazzo Meadows (89N; west on Jackson Meadows Rd). But I could not get to Euer Valley. It was privately held and only accessible in winter. The Tahoe Donner Cross Country center had negotiated access with the Euer Family for skiing. Finally in December, I skied out there. My friend was right – all three valleys are breathtaking.

Since that winter, I have longed to know Euer Valley would be designated open space in perpetuity.

And now it is. Euer Valley is permanent open space. For recreation, water quality, habitat and for its sheer beauty.

Yesterday, March 7, 2012, the Tahoe Donner Association, the new owners of the Euer Valley, held a ribbon cutting ceremony. Susie Knisley, the chair of the Board said, “We have been in discussion with John Euer for many years concerning this spectacular piece of land and we are thrilled to have this major piece of property adjacent to Tahoe Donner available permanently to many generations of our homeowners for recreational enjoyment throughout the entire year.”

The Truckee River Watershed Council is looking forward to working with Tahoe Donner to preserve the environmental and historical resources, and steward the land to achieve the recreation and natural resources goals for wetlands, streams, and meadows.

To the Euer Family and to the Tahoe Donner Association – you have my thanks and gratitude and my now 85 year-old friend thanks you, too.

Click here if you’d like more information regarding the Euer Valley purchase.