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The River-Friendly Landscaping program helps Truckee-area homeowners understand how soil erosion from their properties adversely affects the Truckee River watershed.

River-Friendly Landscaping improves water quality by assisting residential property owners in voluntarily reducing or preventing soil erosion. It covers older and established neighborhoods in the Truckee River watershed within the Town of Truckee, Placer County, Nevada County, and within other related counties in California. We provide free site evaluations, site plans and assistance for homeowners.

To join in the effort, simply call (530) 550-8760, ext. 7 and or sign up online.


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Download tipsheets for treatments to address common soil erosion problems on your property:

Bare Soil Treatments

Bare soil areas are hot spots for erosion, susceptible to wind and water carrying loose soil off the property to sensitive streams and rivers.


Drip Line Treatments

Stormwater runoff from your rooftop can cause "drip line erosion." Roofs are impervious surfaces and stormwater that falls below the eaves can cause significant erosion and water damage to the foundation. Protecting drip lines with vegetation or gravel helps capture roof runoff, allowing it to soak back into the ground.


Driveway Treatments

Driveways are large impervious areas that can concentrate polluted stormwater runoff, which can then leave the property and pollute local rivers and streams. Capture and convey water from driveways and protect driveway edges using vegetation or gravel to allow water to soak back into the ground.


Treatments for Decks, Stairs and Walkways

Protecting bare soil under elevated structures like decks, stairs and walkways with vegetation or gravel is important to prevent wind and water erosion.


Slope Stabilization Treatments

Stabilizing slopes on your property is important to reduce erosion and keep your property attractive.


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