Our projects focus on the restoration and protection of streams, lakes, wetlands and meadows. Project goals are to protect and improve water quality, water supply, and wildlife habitat. Most projects are defined through a watershed assessment and include pre-project monitoring, restoration design, implementation, a Truckee River Day work project and post-project monitoring. On the majority of our projects, we work closely with state, federal and local agencies as well as non-profit and business organizations. Projects are funded through public grants, private foundation grants, and our generous partners and donors.

Here are some of our current projects:

 Perazzo Meadows:

Perazzo Meadows is a habitat-rich riparian and meadow system in the Little Truckee River watershed. The entire Perazzo Meadows project includes several sites, implemented in three phases. Our most recent project, prioritized in the watershed assessment, restored a section of the floodplain in the canyon. Read more…

 Coldstream Canyon:

Coldstream Canyon is located in Donner Memorial State Park.  A watershed assessment was completed in 2008.  Past projects include small scale restoration of streambanks in 2001 and a gravel pond in 2006. The current project, prioritized in the watershed assessment, will restore a section of the flood plain in the canyon. Read More…

 Martis Valley:

The Martis Creek watershed covers 26,204 acres.  Past projects include small scale restoration related to trail re-alignment and meadow improvements in the Martis Wildlife Area, and spawning gravel augmentation below Martis dam.  In 2011, we completed a watershed assessment of the Martis Creek watershed to help prioritize additional restoration. Read More…

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