By Lisa Wallace, Executive Director


The Truckee River region—where the beauty of nature draws people who revel in it—is threatened. A damaging past (from mining, grazing and logging) coupled with a tenuous future (from drought, development, and climate change) impacts the outdoor lifestyle people cherish.

TRWC reverses this impact by creating a vibrant and healthy watershed. TRWC works from the premise that nature and humanity can thrive together. Our leadership brings diverse interests together (from nature lovers to economy drivers) to manage far-reaching solutions that enhance the resiliency of nature while accommodating community interests. Our goal is for everyone and everything—from bugs and beavers, to bicyclists and birdwatchers— to flourish in this magnificent, interconnected environment.

In 2020, we’re moving ahead with a number of projects to meet this goal. We’ll be hiring a number consultants and contractors.

Project Schedule

You can find the preliminary schedule for projects in construction in the year 2020 here. Future lists will also include projects in both the assessment and design phase.


It takes a dedicated team to do what we do. Thank you to our partners many of whom are part of these RFPs and RFBs. Restoring meadows. Reviving forests. Saving habitats. Thank you to the donors of the Truckee River Watershed Council and our funders who make this work possible.

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